Acquiring and retaining good workers is a hassle.

Workgenius provides on-demand companies with pre-vetted on-demand professionals. Our workers are both faster and more reliable than average on-demand workers.

We're currently accepting applications from companies to expand our partnerships. 



We're currently opening for a San Francisco launch and are looking for exceptionally driven and hungry drivers. By filling out the form below, you'll be contacted by a workgenius to set up a 15 minute phone interview. If all goes well, we'll get you into the office for a face-to-face meeting. We'll fast track you through the company applications and get you on the road faster than you can say "wow, that's genius". Because it is.

We're slowly opening up our platform to more drivers and are looking for excellent delivery professionals. Reserve your front row seat to the take off by applying below!


Genius! We'll get back to you soon. Check your e-mails :-)

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We negotiate shifts
on your behalf! 

The easiest way to work multiple on-demand jobs

"I’ve been trying to complement my income for a while and WorkGenius made it happen. I get bored doing just one job but in less than a week I am busy with 3 new on-demand jobs that I really like!"
- Hilda M, works with Instacart, Farm Hill and Munchery hrough WorkGenius
"WorkGenius has given me the support and structure that I needed to manage my work. A vast majority of today's on-demand employers have little time to focus on us hardworking employees. WorkGenius fills that void, giving me a chance to work on better terms!"
- Daniel A, works with Instacart & Bento through WorkGenius
“The idea of being on the side of workers is what drew me to WorkGenius. Personally, I'm looking for interesting work, guaranteed decent minimum wage, potential for retirement and medical coverage, advocacy for issues facing workers, opportunities for advancement, somebody on our side.”
- Greg F, works with Instacart through WorkGenius

What is WorkGenius?

WorkGenius makes it seamless to work for multiple on-demand companies. We help you optimize your schedule and provide you with guaranteed hours - all through one app. 

How it works

Tell us your preferences

Work on your own terms. You tell us your availabilities, how many hours you want to work per week, and which companies you want to work for. We do the rest.

We negotiate with companies for you

WorkGenius builds an optimized schedule with guaranteed hours, to match your preferences.

All of your work in one app

Easily track your earnings and reputation across services in one place.

Our Mission

WorkGenius is a worker-first company.

We turn part-time jobs into career paths by providing workers with personalized employment opportunities at top companies.


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