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Pay Per Applicant

$5-30 per qualified applicant
10,000+ hourly candidates
Advertise to unlimited candidates per week


Refer your unhired candidates
10,000+ hourly candidates
Advertise to 1000+ candidates per week

What is WorkGenius?   ▾

WorkGenius is an online labor marketplace focused on transparency, fairness, and efficiency. In exchange for access to our pool of 10,000+ qualified Bay Area applicants, companies refer us their unhired applicants and we match them with open jobs they do qualify for on our network.

Who is behind WorkGenius?   ▾

WorkGenius is backed by numerous investors including 500 startups. We’re a small team located in Oakland, CA with experience scaling tech startups from 0 -> 200+ employees. We’re building WorkGenius because we believe that every committed candidate has the potential to be a great fit somewhere. Our mission is to take the friction and frustration out of finding enough work.

Why do I need to refer my unhired candidates?   ▾

WorkGenius is an open resource for qualified hourly applicants that relies on data from our community of recruiting professionals. Without this data we wouldn’t have any qualified candidates to offer.

Am I allowed to share candidate data?   ▾

Yes, we make sure that all referred candidates must opt into learning about more jobs before receiving WorkGenius job alerts. Candidate invitations to join the WorkGenius network are triggered automatically from your existing recruiting software and do not require any changes to your terms and conditions.

What does WorkGenius do to secure their data?   ▾

We understand that our candidate data is a privilege to be protected and not to be abused. We take responsibility for our matches and pledge to always put candidate interests first in our algorithms. We don't see this decision as a conflict for partner companies committed to building a more sustainable future of work with us.

From a technical perspective, WorkGenius is built on top of infrastructure that follows top IT security standards, including SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, and MTCS Level 3.